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Negative machn ne DVD!!! Und im Herbst kommt die dann raus. Und da soll a komplettes Konzert drauf wo heuer im Mai gfilmt saugeil!!! lest am besten selber:

Join the Negative DVD team!

The greatest and the most rocking DVD compilation will come out in autumn 2007!

Negative has started putting together a double DVD package, which will include a whole lot of archive material from around the world, brand new interviews and on top of all: a complete concert, which will be filmed in May 2007.

Negative invites all the fans to join the DVD team, so now is your chance to take part in the making of this DVD.

Do you have Negative related photos or video clips that you wish to share with the band and other fans? If your answer is YES, read the instructions here. (RTF or PDF)

2.3.07 17:00


Die Single von Fading Yourself kommt in Finnland am 14.3. raus!!

Drauf sein wird:

Fading yourself

Fading yourself (acoustic version)

In Memorian (live)

And a new track: "Lost in America"

(Alice Cooper): lead vocals by Sir Christus!

So stehts zumindest auf der Offiziellen. Des is so saugeil!! Der Sör singt!!!

4.3.07 17:55


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